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Parking and Drop-off/Pick-Up

  • Please do not use the parking lot for drop-off or pick-up. We want your children to arrive safely, and crossing a parking lot can be a dangerous adventure
  • Drop off and pick up students on Jenifer Street, in the sections designated with drop-off/pick-up signs, behind the section designated for buses. The spaces along the staff parking lot are also 20 minute loading zones, if you need to leave your car for drop off or pick up.
  • Students must use the crosswalks at the Rogers/Jenifer corner. We have student crossing guards to help students use these crosswalks safely. Having students cross mid-block, especially between cars and buses, is frighteningly dangerous.

Morning Routine

  • Students needing breakfast may come into the cafeteria starting at 7:35.
  • Students needing breakfast should come in for breakfast as soon as they arrive (after 7:35).
  • If not eating breakfast, students should stay out on the supervised playground.
  • If students arrive prior to 7:35, the playground is unsupervised.
  • On rainy days, all students will come into the supervised cafeteria rather than staying on the playground.
  • If you would like to meet with a staff member before school, please make an appointment with them. This will allow staff members to prepare for the day with students.
  • When the bell rings, give your child the independence to start their day by saying good bye on the playground. Teachers will escort students into the building.
  • Visitors need to check in at the school office.

End of Day Routine

  • The dismissal bell rings at 2:47.
  • Students should gather their belongings for home quickly and exit the building. We ask all students to exit the school or report to after school activities by 2:55. 
  • Students riding the bus home need to go directly to their bus.
  • If you are picking up your child, please wait for and meet them on the large cement area outside the main entry or in your car in the designated pick-up area.
  • Students walking home on their own need to leave school immediately, as the playground is unsupervised after school.

School Store

  • Marquette's School Store is held every Thursday, unless (on rare occasions) announced otherwise.
  • In general, items for sale are cute/fun school tools.Our policy on items from home is based on equity (not everyone has the option of bringing items in) and security (we don't want children to suffer lost or broken items).
  • Items range from $.05 to $2.00.
  • Students should not bring more than $5.00 for school store.
  • School store is sponsored by Student Council.

Items from Home

  • Other than school tools (backpack, books, notebooks, etc.) we ask that personal items be left at home. Our policy on items from home is based on equity (not everyone has the option of bringing items in) and security (we don't want children to suffer lost or broken items).
  • Included in the list of items to leave at home are: Pokemon and other trading cards, make up and other personal care items, ipods and other electronics.
  • If you feel your child needs to have a cell phone for safety after school, the cell phone must be left in backpack for the day or should be brought to the office on entry in the morning and picked up by the student at dismissal

2-Way Family-School Communication

  • All staff have email which is checked daily. See the list at the bottom of the Marquette Webpage.
  • To reach staff by phone, the office can assist you in leaving a voicemail during the day or will honor your request to have the teacher call you.
  • During the school day, phone calls to classrooms are redirected to the office.
  • Classroom calls will be sent to voicemail except in emergency.
  • Students access to phones will be limited to emergency use with permission only.